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Here are some examples of how God has impacted lives.

"I grew up in a church, but always had a hard time feeling connected.  Once I reached college age, I rarely attended but still yearned for a church I could relate to.  When some major family issues unexpectedly arose, I felt so helpless that I felt like there was nothing else to do but pray.  I stumbled upon a United Methodist Church that was close to my house and received such a warm welcome that I encouraged my husband to join me the next week.  We have been active members ever since.  I feel like God was truly calling me to this church, even though I had to experience tough times to get here.  I am very blessed to have such a supportive church family and happy that my children get to grow up with a strong spiritual foundation."

                                                                                                                                                                                    - Denise

           An Attitude of Gratitude….

"I’m very thankful that as a young child I was always taught to show gratitude and appreciation towards others. I was taught to thank people in person when they said something kind to me, or when they did something for me. My parents also impressed upon me the importance of writing thank you notes. I know at times they had to hound me to get them written, but as I look back, I’m so very thankful that they did! I tried hard to pass that on to my daughter, even having her draw or color a picture in the early years when she was too young to write.

While I’ve always thought that I had a fair amount of gratitude towards my heavenly Father, recent health issues have deepened my gratitude immensely. Had it not been for a great amount of divine intervention, my life right now might look quite different…if alive at all! A cancelled appointment by someone else gave me the opportunity to get into the doctor immediately when I called, and a cardiologist that pulled over along Highway 2 to read my EKG rather than wait awhile, are both evidence to me that the hand of God was with me! This leads me to ask, “How can I ever repay my gratitude?” While I know that God giving his Son for little old me is nothing that I can ever repay, I strive to show the love of Christ by loving others. Matthew 25:40…whatever you did for the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.

The following popped up on Facebook shortly after my hospitalization and I’ve felt it was placed there just for me: Begin your day with an “I get to” mentality instead of a “I have to” thought process…I GET to go to work. I GET to have a busy day; or whatever it may be. We often dress our opportunities as stress, but they are in fact BLESSINGS! I’m too BLESSED to be stressed!"

                                                                                                                                                                                     - Joyce

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